Emory University


Emory University’s tree-lined campus covers 600 acres of the historic Druid Hills neighborhood and features classic architecture with multi-hued granite and Spanish Saltillio tile. The book contains two non-linear hunts: 1) Outdoors at the main campus; and 2) Indoors at Miller Ward House, northeast of the academic buildings. When all of the puzzles are solved for each hunt, a final master puzzle can be completed.

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NOTE: The Emory University hunt does not have a definitive starting point; it features many points on the main campus. Solvers may need to visit the campus more than once to complete it. For that reason this title is best suited for students, alumni, staff, and enthusiasts of Emory (e.g. parent weekend, touring the campus, student races).
Pace: 2+ hr. leisure / 1.5 hr. race

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