Below are the puzzle solutions to Clue Town: Suwanee. If a checkpoint is missing, please report the problem so that the hunt can be updated.

Town Center Hunt, Puzzle #1

The first two words on the plaque after the City of Suwanee logo are TIME CAPSULE. When those words are used to solve the code of coordinates, the solution to the puzzle reads WALK NORTHEAST TO PIECE OF BERLIN WALL NEAR LAST PARKING SPOT.

Town Center Hunt, Puzzle #2

The plaque at the Berlin Wall reads: “May this piece that once stood as an instrument of oppression stand… FOREVERMORE AS A REMINDER THAT FREEDOM  SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED.” When the numbered letters from the top text boxes are transferred to their respective boxes at the bottom of the page, the solution reads: GO NORTHWEST TO VISIBLE OBELISK  IN GRASS.

Town Center Hunt, Puzzle #3

The plaque on the obelisk reads “The RESIDENTS of Suwanee took a STAND… They BELIEVED in GREEN SPACE.” After the five words in all caps are found in the words search, the remaining letters spell GO NORTHWEST TO MEMORIAL UP SHORT STAIRS AND BEHIND IRON FENCE.

Town Center Hunt, Puzzle #4

Town Center Hunt, Puzzle #5

The second word in the sculpture’s title is CANOPY. When those six letters are stricken from the code, the remaining letters spell SEEK SW TREE WITH WHITE FIGURES.

Town Center Hunt, Puzzle #6

The title of the art installation is WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? Following the arrows, the letters will rearrange to form FOLLOW SIDEWALK SOUTH TO EGG STATUE ON WALL.

Town Center Hunt, Puzzle #7

Town Center Hunt, Puzzle #8

Question #1: What is the title of the mural?
Answer: Old Sweet Song –> Walk Southeast

Question #2: Which of these musicians appears in the front row?
Answer: James Brown –> Safely cross the street

Question #3: What number appears above the mural?
Answer: 370 –> Find sculpture of 3 seated ladies

Questions #4: Which row features the B-52s?
Answer: Third –> At exterior side wall of City Hall

Town Center Hunt, Puzzle #9

The sculpture is titled FRIENDS. The letters will transform like so:


The word Suwanee translates into Echo.

Map of Town Center Hunt

Old Town Hunt, Puzzle #1 - 603 Scales Road

The last three words on the sign are CHARTERED PRESENT LOCATION. Under the T of the three words are SEVERE STORM DAMAGE, which was the reason a new church needed to be built.

Old Town Hunt, Puzzle #2 - 659 Main Street

The four-digit number on the sign is 1908. The last two words on the sign are HISTORIC PLACES. When the alpha-numeric code code at the bottom is solved, the solution reads IN 1881 A FIRE BURNED ALL MAIN STREET BUILDINGS EXCEPT ONE.

Old Town Hunt, Puzzle #3 - Caboose across from 659 Main Street

The name of the VP on the plaque is BURCHER GAMMAGE. When the arrow code at the bottom of the page is solved, the solution reads AUTHOR MARGARET MITCHELL.

Old Town Hunt, Puzzle #4 - Harvest Farm, 752 White Street

Sims Lake Park Hunt, Puzzle #1

The name of the sculpture is AUDUBON WATCHER. The syllable fragments that match the title will assemble to read THE GEESE POLICE.

Sims Lake Park Hunt, Puzzle #2

The two plaque words that precede “encounter” are PUBLIC ART. When those letters are connected by a straight line, the line will intersect with words that spell SUWANEE WAS THE TRAINING GROUNDS FOR ATLANTA FALCONS UNTIL 2001.

Sims Lake Park Hunt, Puzzle #3

The first word of the sculpture title is WINDSCULPTURE.
The last name of the artist is GARNTO.

When letters in the numbered boxes are transferred below, the solution reads GEORGE PIERCE PARK.