Below are the puzzle solutions to Clue Town: Kirkwood Mini Hunt. If a checkpoint is missing, please report the problem so that the hunt can be updated.

Clue #1

The sign at the starting point reads WELCOME TO KIRKWOOD, ESTABLISHED 1899. When the letters in the numbered boxes are transferred correctly, the solution reveals the next location of BRICK STOREFRONTS WITH BLACK AWNINGS.

Clue #2

What is the first name on the stone? SUTTON
What is the second name on the stone? WHISENANT
The compound directions associated with the two words above are FOLLOW SIDEWALK UPHILL — FIND LIBRARY AT NEXT INTERSECTION.

Clue #3

The top line on the emergency water sign reads AUTOSPRINKLER. The alpha-numeric code can now be solved, and the solution is TAKE KIRKWOOD ROAD TWO BLOCKS TO WALLS AT PARK CORNER.

Clue #4

The 2nd & 3rd line from the wall bench’s plaque reads NAMED IN HONOR OF MRS BESSIE BRANHAM. When those seven words are circled in the word search, the uncircled letters will read TAKE DUNWOODY STREET. TURN LEFT ON HOWARD. STOP AT 1947 HOSEA.

Clue #5

At 1947 Hosea, the last two words on the business’ sign are STYLE CENTER. Once inputted, a code of letter-coordinates can be solved. The solution reads FIND DIRECTORY SIGN AT 1963 HOSEA.

Clue #6

Clue #7

The street number from Clue #4’s solution:  1947.
The number found at the L-R intersection in Clue #5:  2536.
The emblem number at the current location:  18

When the letters assigned to those numbers are inputted into the code, the name of the Kirkwood settler is JESSE CLAY.

Kirkwood Solution Map