Below are the puzzle solutions to Clue Town: Georgia Tech. If a checkpoint is missing, please report the problem so that the hunt can be updated.

Clue #1

The plaque text reads “Clean valves… CAREFULLY WITH KEROSENE BEFORE STARTING.”

When the correct letters are inputted into the numbered boxes, the solution reads TAKE BRICK PATH SE. DESCEND FIRST STAIRS ON RIGHT. FIND TIME CAPSULE AT BOTTOM.

Clue #2

The last 9 words on the time capsule plaque read, “THE CAPSULE IS TO BE OPENED DURING HOMECOMING 2062.”

When those words are replaced with the provided codewords, the solution will read, TAKE BRICK SIDEWALK EAST TO FOUNTAIN LEFT OF CARNEGIE.

Clue #3

Clue #4

The engraved quote found on the cornerstone of Lyman Hall reads, “In  the FIRST PLACE I would put accuracy.” When the third word (FIRST) and fourth word (PLACE) are used as coordinates in the word grid, the solution reads, “FOLLOW BRICK PATH WEST TO GEORGIA HISTORIC MARKER NEAR STARTING POINT.” The starting point, as you may recall, was at the intersection of Cherry & Ferst.

Clue #5

The word ACT follows “Established by…” on the historic marker. When the letters A, C, and T are colored in the grid, the binary image reads D.M. SMITH BLDG, which the pages explains “can be found on the current road to the north.”

Clue #6

Question #1: What is the last name of the Chairman Board of Trustees? HARRIS

Question #2: What is the last word on the etched stone?  ASSOCIATE

Question #3: What kind of tree is at the site? YOSHINO CHERRY

Question #4: The tree is in “loving memory of” whom? MIHALCIN


Clue #7

The title of the curly orange sculpture is SQUIRT. When those 6 letters are connected by a straight line, the line intersects with the words WALK DUE NORTH TO CIRCULAR PLAQUE IN FRONT OF DESIGN COMMONS.


Clue #8

The three words at the top of the plaque read TEXAS INSTRUMENTS PLAZA. The solution path to the maze intersects with letters that spell FOLLOW SIDEWALK NE. WHEN IT ENDS TAKE SIDWALK NORTH TO RED SCULPTURE IN FRONT OF CADDELL BUILDING.

Clue #9

The name of the red sculpture in front of Caddell Bldg is BIG RED TUMPKIN. The path of the arrow code will then spell GO NW AROUND CADDELL BLDG. CLIMB STAIR, THEN DUE WEST TO “BRIDGES” SIGN PAST HYDRANT.

Clue #10

After the 7 bridge numbers have been assigned to the 7 letters, the solution to the alphanumeric code is EINSTEIN STATUE. As the page says, find it by starting at the fire hydrant and then follow the brick sidewalk south.

Clue #11

The quote words taken from the Einstein statue are TIME AND SPACE. When those letters are filled into the empty circles, the words found at the end of each instruction are TAKE SIDEWALK EAST TO CLOUGH COMMONS ON RIGHT.

Clue #12

The 4 words that follow “Wayne…” are CLOUGH UNDERGRADUATE LEARNING COMMONS. When the solution letters are matched to the correct letter fragments, the solution will read GO SOUTH. TURN LEFT AT HAMMOCKS. ENTER GARDEN AT TOP OF STAIRS.

Clue #13

The number of tiles found in the garden is 6, so X=6. After each equation is calculated, the corresponding alphanumeric letter will spell COACH JOHN HEISMAN, who is credited with naming The Yellow Jackets.

Georgia Tech Solution Map