Below are the puzzle solutions to Clue Town: Emory University. If a checkpoint is missing, please report the problem so that the hunt can be updated.

Main Campus Hunt, Clue #1 - Water Hub

The sign across from Water Hub reads “Water is treated with ultraviolet light that provides extensive disinfection, producing water that COMPLIES WITH STATE AND LOCAL HEALTH REQUIREMENTS.” When the appropriate letters are transferred to the empty boxes, it reveals that two micro-organisms used to treat the waste water are PHILODINA AND AQUATIC EARTHWORM.

Main Campus Hunt, Clue #2 - Stone Grove

The first name of the Stone Grove artist (seen on the plaque) is RICHARD. When straight lines are drawn connecting the letters in his name, the lines will intersect with the words STUDENT VOLUNTEERS CLEAN CAMPUS SCULPTURES ANNUALLY.

Main Campus Hunt, Clue #3 - Woodruff Memorial Research

Insignia question #1 – What instrument is the man on the left using?  MICROSCOPE

Insignia question #2 – What can be seen behind the standing man?  SUN

Insignia question #3 – What part of her body is the woman touching?  HAIR

Insignia question #4 – What is the child playing with?  HOOP

The information that accompanies each correct answer compiles to read 16 WEEK SEMESTER COST $105, which was the cost of tuition at Atlanta Medical College in 1854.

Main Campus Hunt, Clue #4 - Dooley Statue

The 8 words needed from the Dooley statue are WITH ZEST COMPASSION AND A SENSE OF HUMOR. When those words are replaced with their respective code word, the solution becomes DOOLEY ONCE TAUGHT THE COURSE SPRING BREAK 101.

Main Campus Hunt, Clue #5 - Chemistry Building

The correct path to solve the maze intersects with letters that spell THE CHEMISTRY STOCK ROOM HAS 1,200 DIFFERENT ITEMS FOR EMORY LABORATORIES.

Main Campus Hunt, Clue #6 - Margaret Pitts Garden

The plaque in Margaret Pitts garden reads IN APPRECIATION OF THE GENEROSITY AND VISION OF DR. MARGARET A. PITTS ON THE OCCASION OF HER 100TH BIRTHDAY. When inputted into the boxes, the five words that are highlighted are GENEROSITY, VISION, OCCASION, HER, and BIRTHDAY. After those five words are circled in the word search, the uncircled letters will spell this fun fact about Pitts Theology Library: IT HOLDS ONE HUNDRED BOOKS PRODUCED PRIOR TO THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY.

Main Campus Hunt, Clue #7 - Cannon Chapel

The two words that follow “included…” on the plaque are KEYNOTE ADDRESS. Below are the changes for each numbered direction.

  1. K E Y N O T E A D D R E S S
  2. T K E Y N O E A D D R E S S
  3. T K E Y N O E A R E S S D D
  4. T K E Y N E A O E S S D D
  5. T K E Y N E O E S A D D
  6. T K E Y N E O E S A N D
  7. T K E Y N E O U S A N D
  8. T E N E O U S A N D
  9. T E N T H O U S A N D

The solution TEN THOUSAND is the number of wood pieces used to shape the concrete structure.

Main Campus Hunt, Clue #8 - Carlos Museum

Main Campus Hunt, Clue #9 - Schwartz Performing Arts Center

The final name on the plaque is PAMELA KAY ALLEN. When the numeric code is solved it reads WERNER WORTSMAN MEMORIAL ORGAN HOUSES 3,605 pipes.

Main Campus Hunt, Clue #10 - Memorial Gateway

This puzzle uses info collected in previous puzzles. They are:

Memorial Gateway: Haygood was “an agent of” what between 1882-1891?  JOHN F SLATER FUND

Dooley Statue: What class did Dooley teach?  SPRING BREAK 101

Emory Waterhub: What is the second microorganism used to treat waste water?  AQUATIC EARTHWORM

Margaret Pitts Garden: The oldest books in the library are prior to what time period?  SIXTEENTH CENTURY

When the appropriate letters are transferred to the numbered boxes, the final hunt solution reveals the origin of Emory’s gold and blue school colors.  EARLY ISSUES OF THE PHOENIX WERE PRINTED IN BLUE INK ON YELLOW PAPER.

MWAH Hunt, Clue #1

MWAH Hunt, Clue #2

Question #1 – Gate Entrance Plaque: What is the last name of the honorees?  INMAN

Question #2 – Garden Plaque: What is the last name of  the honorees?  REDMOND

Question #3 – Fountain plaque: What is the last name of the honoree?  WARREN

Question #4 – Tree Plaque: What is the last name of the dedicatee?  DERISO

The letters from the correct answers compile to spell KIND.

MWAH Hunt, Clue #3

The top recipient’s last name is TURPIN. The bottom recipient’s last name is OAKLEY. The coordinate code intersects with letters that spell FEEL.

MWAH Hunt, Clue #4

The title of the photograph is TRAILER TOWN. Below are the changes for each numbered direction.

  1. T R A I L E R T O W N
  2. T R A I E R T O W
  3. T R G R T O W
  4. T R G R O W
  5. T H G R O W
  6. G R O W T H
MWAH Hunt, Clue #5

The final puzzle uses information collected from the other 4 puzzles in this mini-hunt.

Clue #1 solution – CAMPUS
Clue #2 solution – KIND
Clue #3 solution – FEEL
Clue #4 solution – GROWTH

When letters from the solutions are transferred to the numbered boxes, the final solution reveals the meaning of the torch (THE LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE) and the trumpet (THE DISSEMINATION OF KNOWLEDGE AND THE PROCLAMATION OF TRUTH).