Below are the puzzle solutions to Clue Town: Central Park Zoo. If a checkpoint is missing, please report the problem so that the hunt can be updated.

Puzzle #1

The two plaques at the E 64th Street entrance read TO THE ZOO AND CAFETERIA. The replacement of those letters using the key at the bottom the page will transform the text to read FIND PLAQUE UNDER ARSENAL STAIRS AHEAD.

Puzzle #2

Puzzle #3

The whole line that appears above 1936 on the plaque is FREDERICK G.R. ROTH, SCULPTOR. Then, following the point of the arrows in the code, the solution will read TAKE SIDEWALK NE TO MUSICAL CLOCK.

Puzzle #4

The word that precedes FIGURES on the Delacorte Clock is ANIMATED. Using those letters as reference points, the solution to the word ring is FIND BEAR FOUNTAIN ON OTHER SIDE OF CLOCK.

Puzzle #5

Puzzle #6

At the Tisch Children’s Zoo plaque, the word that follows “delight and…” is EDUCATION. When the letters in EDUCATION are connected on the farm image, the straight lines intersect with words revealing GO NORTH. FIND PLAQUE MOUNTED TO BARS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TUNNEL.

Puzzle #7

Holding the page up to light reveals a secret message in the plaque text that reads GO NE TO WATER FOUNTAIN AT SIDEWALK INTERSECTION.

Puzzle #8

The engraved words on the water fountain are WALLACH WALK. From that, four letters are singled out: A, C, K, W. When the four letters are removed from the code, the solution will read SUMMER HOUSE UP ON BOULDER, which is noted to the northeast.

Puzzle #9

Puzzle #10

The inscription at the base of the flag pole reads IN MEMORY OF MEMBERS OF THE OVERSEAS SERVICE LEAGUE WHO SERVED WITH THE RED CROSS IN THE FIRST AND SECOND WORLD WARS. Note the underlined words. When those eight words are located in the word search, the remaining letters in the word search spell EXIT SOUTH GATE AND FOLLOW SIDEWALK SOUTHWEST TO 67TH STREET.

Puzzle #11

Central Park Zoo - Solution Map