Below are the puzzle solutions to Clue Town: Central Park – Conservatory Water. If a checkpoint is missing, please report the problem so that the hunt can be updated.

Puzzle #1

The two words following “adjacent” on the gate plaque are LANDSCAPE IMPROVEMENT. The solution to the letter code then reveals the next checkpoint as the DRINKING FOUNTAIN AT VISIBLE CROSSWALK TO THE WEST.

Puzzle #2

Puzzle #3

Puzzle #4

The 1st word on the plaque is GIVEN. The 5th word on the plaque is ANONYMOUS. The solution to the coordinate code then reveals WALK AROUND POND CLOCKWISE TO ANDERSON STATUE ON LEFT.

Puzzle #5

Puzzle #6

Puzzle #7

Question #1 Solution – DELACORTE

Question #2 Solution – 1959

Question #3 Solution – JOSE

Question #4 Solution – SASAKI

The corresponding directions to each of the above answers will assemble to read: FOLLOW PATH NORTH TO GLADE ARCH. GO TO TOP OF THE BRIDGE. THEN FOLLOW SIDEWALK EAST TO NEARBY ROCKS WITH PLAQUE ON LEFT.

Puzzle #8

Puzzle #9

The first name of James Michael Levin’s mother (as seen on the plaque) is JANICE. When the letters in her name are connected with straight lines, the lines intersect with the words FOLLOW PATH SOUTH TO POND AGAIN AND FIND DIFFERENT BOATHOUSE ON LEFT.

Puzzle #10

Puzzle #11

Central Park Conservatory Water - Solution Map