Clue Town hunts are a memorable and affordable outing for team-building groups of any size. Group hunts that use existing Clue Town titles require teams to solve puzzles efficiently in the midst of Atlanta’s most iconic destinations.

Unfortunately, on-site facilitation is not available at this time, but smaller groups (20 people or less) do not require an on-site facilitator. Simply start each team at the same time, and the first one to solve the final puzzle at the finish line wins.

Cost is determined by the number of teams, because each team (not each person) requires one book. For adults, 2-4 people per team is recommended. Bulk rates may apply if ordering 10 or more books. Please email us to inquire about bulk rates or tax-exempt invoicing.


Yes, Clue Town designs custom hunts! Please be aware that designing a hunt requires ample time and are less cost effective if ordering fewer than 100 copies. Designing a full-length hunt (60-90 minutes) usually takes 8 weeks from start to finish, and mini-hunts (30-50 minutes) take about 6 weeks to complete. Please email us to discuss your experience and receive a quote!

Clients of past custom hunts include: Atlanta United, American Lung Association, Ernst & Young (EY), InterContinental Chicago, NJ TRANSIT, and PATH 400.

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