Custom Puzzle Design

Jay Carlson, creator of Clue Town, has been a freelance puzzle designer since 2012. If you have a custom project in mind, Jay can design a fun and engaging deliverable to meet your needs. Whether you’re promoting a new business, providing a guest activity for an event, or proposing to a life partner, Clue Town can help!

Past corporate clients include Atlanta United, American Lung Association, Ernst & Young (EY), InterContinental Chicago, NJ TRANSIT, and PATH 400. Below are Clue Town’s most popular custom puzzle requests (with clickable sample images). Email Jay to receive a quote for your concept!

Booklet Production: Progressive Puzzle Hunt

Clients familiar with Clue Town Books may seek a similar product. A progressive puzzle hunt requires solvers to visit mystery checkpoints, usually at an outdoor location of their choice. Information found at a checkpoint is used to solved a puzzle, and the solution reveals where to travel next. It’s a mystery tour, and you pick the locale.

Designing a progressive puzzle hunt requires ample time due to scouting and testing, and are less cost effective if ordering fewer than 100 booklets. Designing a full-length puzzle hunt (60-90 minute solve time) usually takes 8-10 weeks from start to finish, and a mini-hunt (30-50 minute solve time) takes about 5-6 weeks to complete.

Booklet Production: Informative Puzzles

Many clients prefer to create a sophisticated activity book that informs as it entertains. Instead of a puzzle solution telling you where to go next, these puzzles solutions reveal a fun fact about a specified topic. It’s a fantastic option to promote a business.

Event Activity for Guests

Planning an event and need an activity for the guests? Clue Town has a variety of crowd-pleasing options, such as physical puzzle pieces redeemable for a prize, or a map of hidden code words that reveal a larger puzzle. Each event activity is a unique creation that is designed based on number of guests, size of space, and time permitted.

Personalize an Existing Puzzle Hunt

Revising an existing title to fit your needs is a memorable and cost-effective option. Some examples of slight changes include:

* Revising the last puzzle solution to read “Will you marry me?”
* Designing a new cover to use as a party gift or to promote your business
* Shortening a 90 minute hunt for a team building event.

Reach out to Jay at Clue Town Books if you’re in need of a custom puzzle!